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Do you love DIY painting at Home? BTS painting set is easy to complete. All you have to do is color the draw the numbers shown in the draft.

“HOUSE OF BTS” Product

- How to use 

[Step 1] Prepare the canvas, brushes, and paints.

[Step 2] Check the numbers marked on the underdrawing and each color paint.

[Step 3] Check the color paint in the painting Storage Cases. After use, please keep the lid closed.

[Step 4] Don't be surprised with the numbers! Learn the tricks by painting the numbers step by step. You can draw easily by drawing light colors first and dark colors later.

[Step 5] Finally! Place it where you want to see BTS. 😋 💜

How to use components [Iron Wall Hook] Use a ruler or tape measure to mark the point where you want to fix it. Put the wall hook on the marked point. Tighten the screws using a hand screwdriver or electric screwdriver. 

[Horizontal] Check the level by placing it on top of your work for hanging on the wall. If the bubble is centered, it is horizontal. 💜

Comes with:

Canvas (25x25cm), Paint SET, Brush SET, Painting Storage, Steel Wall hooks, Coating, Package Box